Vet Visit

Vet visits could be stressful for your cat or dog; it could be because the pet has associated the vets with previous negative experiences and the car ride to the vet surgery, or they simply have not visited the vet very often as a result of the pandemic and find the new environment and people stressful. This can make it more challenging for the vet to diagnose any problems during the visit. 

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There are many ways to prepare your cat or dog for the vet visit, such as:
Visit the vet surgery in advance

Pop into your vets to just say hello, make the visit relatively short with a couple of treats and bit of fuss. This will help your cat/dog associate the car journey and the veterinary practice positively. 

Get your pet used to being handled at home

Slowly accustom your pet to being held and having different parts of their body held and examined, use a calming tone of voice and provide treats as a reward. Once your pet is comfortable with you handling him/her, ask other friends and family members to help to get them comfortable with other people handling them. 

Give them Zylkene calming supplements

Help your pet stay calm with Zylkene calming supplements, sprinkle in their food 1-2 days in advance of the vet appointment. 

Pack their favourite toy or some treats

These can be used as rewards as well as distracting your pet. 

Visit the vet surgery at a quiet time.
Bring all the records (if you're going to a new vet surgery)

You can minimise the time spent explaining to the vet your pet’s examination, treatments, prescribed medications and results of any laboratory tests.